Monday, February 1, 2010

Settling In

I think I've recovered from all the stress I put on myself for Christmas this year- my goal of 6 pair of socks and several other hand knits, along with a sweater for Luke- was waaay too ambitious! So- New Year, New Plan- I'm only going to make small things as a surprise from now on. And that is small things as defined by ME, not by the knitting gurus who crank out a sweater in a weekend. And that will set me up with fun projects and much less stress.

On my needles at the moment are a shawl for Megan ( it was supposed to be for Christmas/ birthday, but needed her approval- good thing, cause we changed it from a sweater to a shawl- and a very fun knit, so far.)

I'm also trying to make a 'spinner' beanie/ stocking cap for Noah- He's taking hip-hop dance class and needs something with some padding for spinning on his head! (He's getting pretty good- btw!) So I thought that I could make him a stocking cap as usual, but when I get to the crown/ decreases, I'll use three strands of wool instead of one- and that should make it easier in his noggin!

Zoe is making good progress on her hat- she is knitting in the round ( I set it up for her) all she has to do is knit and knit and knit. It's a pretty blue baby hat for her cousin on the Klingaman side. This is a pic of her with her first finished project- a washcloth for Mom!

I'm excited about the Olympics- less than two weeks to go- I am part of a group online called the Ravelympics- we all compete to finish a challenging project during the Olympics- from cast on to bind off- I am making myself a shawl from the yarn my sister, Sue gave me for Christmas. It's a gorgeous blend of merino and bamboo in a fabulous color- we shall see....

Probably the most exciting thing for me recently ( Recently?? Try in the last 8 years, since Noah was born... ) was being invited to participate in the artwork for Patti Digh's newest book- Four Words. There was a bit of a time crunch- as it was less than 2 weeks from request to deadline- but I made it- I sent off my artwork yesterday and will wait to hear- This was a very big thing for me- I was to illustrate the phrase- Do Something You Fear. I realized as I procrastinated the project for the 3rd of four full days I had to work on it- that putting the ideas in my head into a finished project was REALLY scary!! I could see it in my head- I had two or three different ways it could go- but I don't think of myself as being someone who can draw- and the rules were no text- so I had to convey the message with only images. I knew that the double message of a mother bird watching her baby fly was the idea I wanted- but putting it into fabric was something I thought and thought about. I finally went into the studio and cranked it out- I used hand-dyed fabric from my home-workshop last summer, and I did manage to draw the birds. So, illustrating the phrase- Do Something You Fear- ended up being something I feared! But I did it. And I'm ridiculously proud of myself!

We had a major winter storm over the weekend- In NC that can mean from 2 inches to 20 inches- we got about 5-6 inches and the temperature has stayed very cold- a lot of the time, because we don't have snow plows down here- they plow the interstates and the major roads and wait for the rest of it to melt. So we have a delayed opening today- and we had a wonderful weekend kindof trapped in our houses. But with firewood and milk and snacks we had a great time! The dogs weren't too sure about the whole thing at first, especially while it was still snowing, but ended up loving it- I'll put some pics of them up.

Hope this finds everyone settling in to winter
and it's joys and challenges.

Keep being creative in all the things you do!

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