Sunday, June 14, 2009

On Socks, Friendship and Being Really Happy

Who knew? The concept was simple- I'd reward those who took the time to think about what was happening in their lives and make a list of things they want to do. I got a good response- about 5 or six...
But what I REALLY got was the most fun birthday ever. About a week before my birthday, I got a pair of handmade socks in the mail- from a mystery person who turned out to be my niece, Connie. Then I kept getting socks!!They just kept coming! It was fun, it was touching. It was the coolest idea! Thank you, again to everyone who played along with the Sock Conspiracy! But mostly thank you, Sue- for waking me up.
Now, don't get me wrong- I'm a fun person, and I have lots of good ideas, and my family (none of whom spend too many hours surfing around the art quilt and knitting blogs) think I'm pretty special for all the things I make. And making pretty things gives me a lot of satisfaction. But I've been asleep for the last six months or so- Curled up in my nest with my latest project in hand- I found a little spot on my couch, with my dogs at my feet and Project Runway on Netflix, and I've been knitting my life away.
But when those socks kept coming, and every day was fun and exciting- it put me in such a good mood! I'm a happy person, but this past week was special- and I want to hang onto it!
I have always used my mid-year birthday as a chance for new resolutions- a Mulligan for New Year's- starting each year of my life with the determination to make something of it. This is my year to...
Get up and get out! Take a yoga class or a workshop on shibori dying. Find the "outer me"- Get busy being active, go places and do things! I'll report back!!
Thanks again to all of you- I love this blog and I love the comments. Have a great week!


Setvic said...

Glad we could make you smile! ;-)

JennE said...

I may not be able to read your blog entries regularly, although I do try, they always make me smile. You bring smiles out of everyone around you. May many smiles come right back at ya' {:-)