Sunday, March 29, 2009

Let Me Make You Something

This week we had flurry of activity over on Facebook- a twenty-something friend posted an offer to make something for the first 5 people who responded. They, in turn, promised to make something for 5 people and so on and so on. There were rules, which was smart. What I loved loved loved- was that the people who responded, for the most part, aren't really people I think of when I think 'made by hand'. Young people, busy with getting their lives under way, or young families. Willing to take the time out to create. And looking forward to sharing what they make!!
The rules state no hints- so I can't tell you what I'm making. I'm very excited about it, but my lips are sealed. What I REALLY can't wait to see is what presents I get, made with love, and offered in a spirit of mid year giving! This is soo much fun- like swapping fabric, only 100% better, because of the people involved.
So I thought I'd challenge anyone who didn't get in on the fun, and wants to, to 'Pay it Forward" Find a few people you want to surprise with something special, and promise yourself to make or do something for them as a surprise. If you want "The Rules" from the Facebook project, e-mail me, or you can make up your own. It's yours to do with what you want. I think if each of us took the time to put something of ourselves out there, with no expectations of being 'paid back', the world will benefit. Who knows? I believe, with all my heart, that the most effective change we can bring about in this world is in the one-on-one- the ripple effect- we influence most the people whose lives we touch personally. Small things make a difference.
I thought I'd post a few random pics of works in progress, and a couple of completed things, that I don't think I've posted. FYI- no hints here, people.

This is a "disappearing nine-patch" made with a prepackaged charm packet- pre-cut 5 inch squares- assembled into a nine patch (4 nine patches, actually) then cut in quarters and reassembled. A fun project on a rainy Sunday, when Mother Nature said "No, you can't do yard work today, go to your room!"

A pic of my Birdie Sling- made with awesome Alexander Henry fabric, and embroidered on the strap. I used this all winter as a handbag, but it's really too big for me. I got tired of hunting for things, so now I use it as a knitting bag. When I make this again, I'll make more pockets.

And, last but not least- my seedlings! I've been channeling my Dad, Ernie, this Spring. I have baby tomatoes (way too many) and peppers and basil, something called 'bunny grass' and impatiens. But I must admit, with those little peat pellets and trays, and a sunny window, this has been a pretty easy project. My dad used to sterilize the dirt in the oven (yup, in the oven, in the big roasting pan- the same one he used for his famous ham!) and he had an amazing array of grow lights in the basement. I wish I knew what happened to that cold frame he built. His compost pile was the talk of the neighborhood. And the garden he planted out back was amazing! I miss you, Dad.

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ann said...

Hi Mary,
I love the look of your big bag. Maybe it would be a good beach bag. I'm very jealous of your seedlings. I've been thinking about starting some all month. Bought the seeds, then . . .
Enjoy the journey, ann