Sunday, February 15, 2009

When I started to blog- I wanted to have a place to play show and tell- to motivate me to FINISH my projects, and hopefully connect with others doing the same kind of work. Blogging is a funny thing- it morphs and changes- family things take precedence for a while, as does the monotony of making a living. "Get up get out' has been my motto for the last few months. The loop of home and work with time for little else.

So I'm going to try and get back into some of the fun stuff- the Valentines ornaments and sweet little baby hats. I am still working on Circus Girl- well, in reality, she's languishing in my studio- but I have been influenced by Spirit Cloth's approach to quilting and it's taking a while for my ideas to percolate and develop. But today I will work on borders and bring her downstairs for embroidering.

I started a new project yesterday. I went to Yarnbirds and spent way too much money on a simple vest- but it will be beautiful and I think it will get much wear. I am winging this one- I did my swatch and got 3.5 stitches to the inch on size 10s and did some math to determine my cast on- to fit around my ample butt- and will knit for a while and then figure out the armholes. I'll shape it a bit as I make my way up to the armholes and bust- But the yarn is so beautiful it will carry the show. It's a cotton boucle- very light and airy in spite of it's bulky yarn status. I think it will be perfect for Raleigh- maybe a three season garment- in the blues that I love so much.

Also on my list of FunToDo- I'm going to be making some baby bibs. A certain beautiful boy who lives in NJ will be needing dribble bibs soon , and I want to send some up to him, and another niece is having a baby, so blankets and bibs are in order! As well as making up some of the Koolaid dyed yarn into baby hats.

Time spent at the computer does not translate well into finished objects- so I will go and get something done.

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Connie said...

We are starting to get a little dribbly and I am still getting comments on the sweater. You are so kind. Love you!