Sunday, February 8, 2009

What's a post without pictures?

Facebook has changed the way I see things. I admit- it can be an incredible waste of time. But it also connects us. It makes it possible to know what's going on in a friend's life thousands of miles away. You get to see videos of precious babies cooing and laughing- and little guys playing in the snow- and hear about engagements and see wedding pics. It's an amazing tool for far-flung friends. And aren't we all far flung? I get wrapped up in the doings of friends in California- or New Jersey and I spend my mental energy on them. So, my friends, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while- I am going to try and be better about that. I'm changing the look of the blog a little, and hope to spend a little more time here than I have been.
We are now in the middle of winter. For us, that's not such a bad thing- the occasional chance of snow, and lots of grey days, but the occasional amazing day. Today promises to be such a day. The temp in the 70's and we'll be able to cook out for Sunday dinner with everyone here. Yard work is beckoning- the leaves that we didn't rake last fall- the tidying of the gardens that wasn't done. And the promise under the leaves of fresh dirt- of the buds on the forsythia and kids riding their bikes in the cul de sac. Winter makes us feel like we need to go inside and reserve our strength, I love winter because I can start projects and knit handwarmers, and hats- because my studio gets organized and cleaned up- and I sit at the kitchen table with a cuppa tea a lot more often. I spend more time with Walter, and we discover new music together, and watch more movies. So winter is good. Knitting is good. So is sewing in all it's forms.
But Spring? It's WONDERFUL. Not just good- but wonder-full. There are more birds singing in the warmth this weekend is offering us. There aren't many flowers yet- but there are buds on the dogwoods and the daffodil spears are forcing their way through the dried leaves of last fall. There is promise here. It may be a while before we see the incredible beauty of spring in North Carolina- and I bet there are some very cold mornings ahead. But today we can take the dogs to the park, and cook out for Jaime's birthday, and celebrate our hope. I hope that if you are trapped in melting snows, or winter rains- you can look forward to the promise of spring. Go to Costco and get a bunch of tulips and put them in a mason jar and enjoy the hopefulness of the coming season.

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