Sunday, November 2, 2008

What If?

I've been loving the involvement with an online group that is asking the question "What If..." What if I used this silk with denim and pieced it so the seams showed? And let them unravel? You get the idea. It occurs to me that I have always been a What If person. Since I was small I have had the ability (or is it a curse?) to imagine the next step- A lot of times these thoughts spiral on me- What If I got into an accident- what would my family do? Kind of crazy thinking that I (almost always) shut down pretty effectively. The What If fill-in-the-blank thinking that keeps you awake at night, or is responsible for sad days. I think we all do this, but don't talk about it (Cause it DOES sound a little close to crazy!)

So it occurred to me working on this project that What If is such creative thinking. It enables the artist to imagine the next step- and when working with whatever medium- to take the results and turn them into something unique and sometimes truly extraordinary. I think it must be a basic question- related to How Do I? And to Why? But a question that can be properly trained and guided away from the mental anguish into the light of creativity and actual production of the thought in fabric or paint. It's exciting- layers of thought translated into layers of a quilt- or layers of music- or a painting that makes your heart sing.

Here are a few shots of works in progress- as Christmas starts its express ride into our lives- I wanted to take a few minutes and share what's been on my mind. I hope I've touched a What If thought in your mind (the good-creative-kind- of -What-If?)

Hard to imagine what this amoeba thing is- It's a Baby Surprise Jacket for my niece's baby- I'm only posting this because there is NO WAY she can see the completed sweater from this shot!

These birdies made from repurposed sweaters and these tassels and those beads will make a gorgeous Indian-inspired gift for a few special people

It's hard to see the idea in the red birds- (have you caught on to this years' theme?)They will look like the green polka dot one when finished.

And the Lovely Geisha? She will be a(another!) knitting bag for ME in the Birdie Sling pattern from Amy Butler

OK- this little posting has taken a lot longer than I intended... What If I spent the whole day uploading pics to the blog? - I wouldn't get any of these cool things finished!! Let me know what you think- I love to get comments!!


jude said...

glad to see the lightheartedness of what-iffing has brightened your day. can't believe the holidays will be upon us so soon.....

ann said...

I missed the 'what if' on quiltart. However, I love how you have re-used things. I also like the idea of denim with silk. Now I only need the silk.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary
What if I had ever finished the wall hanging that I started just before you moved from NJ? LOL~~artistic I'm not! Actually every Christmas I still hang the pretty Red Christmas wreath and a few other things you made me years ago. Every Christmas Dave & I have tea/coffee from the beautiful mugs you gave me. Remember the "Secret Santa?" Anyway, Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family...Hugs