Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And we're off!

September already- one of my favorite times- cooler weather (well, except for the hurricanes that are lined up out in the Atlantic...) and back to school- apples and the approaching holidays- a fresh beginning and a chance to go see my brother and sister and my friend, Carol, and of course associated families. I'll get to meet my new little great neice- Leigh Anne and snuggle with Genevieve and Connor- spend some big girl time with Morgan and Madison. Hey guys! I'm bringin' presents!!

I'm really excited about going junking with Carol- I love the anticipation of an outing like this- I can't wait- Friday will see me flying up to NJ just ahead of Hanna

Another Very Exciting Thing is here- and the sister blog here I especially love the What If blog, because I spend so much of my time saying that- Only these folks actually DO it! Very productive, very inspiring, very very cool- check it out. I signed on for CQR Collaborative and will be having a blast during the talking time on my trip with the new and improved 2008 version of an old favorite- Crazy Quilting- can't wait to find my groove on this- there's a flikr pool set up here so you can see what's up with this group
I am taking my CQ square up to NJ with me- I have a long layover- so I hope to do some embellishing while waiting - I'll try to post some pics while I'm up there.

I finished an adorable project- well, almost finished- for my neice- she's only 4, so, if her mom can keep a secretI'll try and post some pics of Genevieve's crown- I used this Lion Brand pattern-

Back to school meant that Zoe (no y on the end this year) and Noah packed up their bookbags and headed back- a little late, because they were in Vancouver BC for Jaime's family reunion- but they got BTS stuff from Nana- Zoe a cutecutecute new dress that she can wear over pants and Noah this T-shirt with Uncle Sean's art work.

We celebrated Sean's birthday last weekend- here's his cake- notice the heart that showed up when I took it out of the oven! I had to frost over it withe glaze- the GrownUp version of Chocolate-cake-with-chocolate-frosting-and-chocolate-chips-on-top

On a more thoughtful note- I always feel like there are three chances every year to clean up your act- start something new- get it right. New Year's, my birthday (in June) and Back to School. So , this week is a chance for reflection- the cricket's song is a little slower (did you know you can tell the temperature by the crickets' song? ) and the sun is setting a little sooner, and it's yet another opportunity. I want to set myself a bit of a plan- I need to in order to get the things done I want to- I'm so excited about the CQR Collaborative, bt when I went to get scraps to use- my studio space was so cluttered I spent an hour just looking for things- so I guess I need to spend some time organizing. I want to take a class this fall- maybe in painting- maybe in drawing. Of course I should join a gym and exercise - maybe just be better abt walking the dogs. I'll have that long trip up to NJ to plan my resolutions for the fall- How about you? What are you going to do?

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ann said...

Sweet! Looks like grandma is having a lot of fun. What I'm doing is on my blog.

Joy on your journey,