Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ok -I know- I've been busy!

There have been a lot of things going on- I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. But I am about to make up for that- I hope!

The big thing recently was a party to celebrate our having been in NC for 20 years. We had lots of friends over and the yard looked really pretty. I had a blast making fun 'themey' things to go along with the party- fans (NC in August...need I say more?) little toothpick thingies for the food, and silverware wraps- All completely unnecessary, but it kept me happy and quiet for a couple weeks.

Here's my new chair covers-first the old- simple, vinyl, ripped... Then the beautiful new one with fancy, impractical, embroidered fabric from the clearance aisle at Joanne's- all in all abt an hour and maybe $7- so if it's a flop, oh well. Don't they look pretty?

We had such a BLAST at the party- note to self- no more champagne for you! We played Water Balloon Baseball- which involved for this epic party 300 water balloons (I didn't have to fill even one!) and lots of wet guests-

Things got a little complicated with a sneak attack by Gina and Nick - which ended up with Luke using Zoe as a shield- Bad Luke

We all got wet- we laughed very hard and I learned that putting a party in motion and letting go is a great way to hostess!

We also 'got out the cannon' and shot it off- Sounds bigger and scarier than it was- We have a small repro cannon that really shoots- that belonged to my brother- Chris (who would have had a great time at this party! ) So we got that out and woke up the neighborhood. Noah really loved that!

What is it about little boys and loud noises!

A couple more photos to share- One you may see again come Christmas

All in all- it was an awesome party- And my favorite part? Had to be the water balloons.

I promise that now that summer is winding down, and things get back to a more 'normal' pattern, that I'll post more about life in general.

I have to leave you with a link or two- One of my oldest friends is in Beijing with her daughter, Anna, who is scheduled to compete TODAY SUNDAY in the Women's eights Rowing- here's a link to the NBC site and another to Anna's site- check out her art- It is awesome!

and when I went to get the time for today's race- I found this !!

What a thrill. Congrats Anna- Congrats Marty- I know you must be SO proud!

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