Friday, July 4, 2008

We are back from the beach- the pic above is 'our little cottage by the sea' complete with the bunting I made so we could tell which house is ours on long walks- It was fun to make- I just used a pinking rotary blade and sewed them into bias binding I had left over from another project. They held up very well- in spite of the wind- A cheerful beacon guiding us back to our house.

Our week at the beach was full of sand and sun and doing nothing but play- reading and looking for seashells- I set a challenge with Zoey and Noah that we were going to look for heart shaped shells- and we found a lot...

It was a wonderful week- my favorite part was the early morning walks with either Zoey or Noah or both as we wandered down our almost deserted beach looking for 'our' shells- Zoey collecting one type- Noah collecting coral and fossils- heavy stuff that Nana ended up carrying! and all of us looking for purple shells to make a shell house. I had a perfect day when it was so windy that sitting on the beach became a derm-abrasion treatment- everyone else went in, but I sat there with the wind in my face, my MP3 playing William Ackerman/ Windham Hill music and a really good book. Life is good!

There was time for work on my Circus Girl quilt as well- I'm in the embellishment phase and am using seed stitch to give it some texture and movement. I could let this quilt drift along forever- I decided I needed self-imposed deadlines- So I am setting a date to have this quilt finished- Aug 1- time to move on to other ideas!

One of those other ideas is to post a couple of tutorials- I'm working on putting together one for the way I make summer quilts/bedspreads and another for the headbands Meg and I found at the beach- It's a wonderful version of a bandanna, and simple to make- so keep checking for that.

So, my friends, have a wonderful mid-July week filled with fruit-stand fresh peaches and a profound appreciation for air-conditioning! There's a clear glass pitcher of iced-tea and a bowl of fresh berries waiting for me!

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