Sunday, May 4, 2008


This past week was pretty intense at my for-pay job and there was little time for any creative work. I'm so happy that the first week of electronic medical records is behind us- it can only get better, right? Right?

I can show you the pictures of the hat I made for my godson, Larry's- baby. That little one made an early arrival on May 1st- Her Mommy and Daddy's shower was only the previous Sunday!

Baby Girl Strelec is doing OK- she was in special care nursery for a little bit but all reports are that she's doing good. Last I heard Mom and Dad hadn't finalized her name. I told my sister Sue (Baby Girl's Grandma) that in the South, this kind of thing can stick- so they better get a move on- It's not at all unusual in THIS part of the world to meet a grown woman whose NAME is Baby-(remember 'Dirty Dancing'?) it's kindof a Fannie Flagg/ Fried Green Tomatoes kinda thing- It could happen! I have met adult women named Precious, Tiny (kiss-of-death- she weighed abt 300lbs!) and, of course, Baby. Welcome to the world, Little One- you are a lucky girl- your Daddy is a wonderful man, who loves kids, and he will be an awesome Daddy. I am so happy for you both, Larry and Lauren

One side effect of spending so much time at work this past week is that I was determined to not waste my Friday afternoon. I left work (almost) on time, and after stopping for a Friday-Treat for lunch (confession time- I Love Chick Fil A )- I came home and went straight to my studio and got to work on my Circus Girl quilt- No lunch bags or work for other people, just my work, my art, my ideas translated into fabric and blended into a concept- piece abt how women need to juggle so many aspects of their lives and sometimes we do a great job, and sometimes we fall on our asses- but we keep going. So far I have Tightrope Girl, and Trapeze Girl pretty much finished as blocks. Still in my head are Cannonball Girl and, of course Juggling Girl. It feels so good to be doing something creative that feeds my soul. Here are some of the pics I took early on for this quilt- you can get a good feel for the colors

On another note- the beauty of blogging became very clear this week as well- I got a call from an old friend- really the oldest of friends- Kate and I have known each other since fourth grade- we haven't done too good a job of staying connected in the last few years- a Christmas card or birthday email if we were lucky- but, she's on my blogging list- and this week we talked for a long time- a lot of what's been going on she was aware about- at least the head stuff- from my blog, and it was such a treat to spend time with her. Thanks for calling, Kate- I was going to try and find an old picture of us, but I guess we're going to have to take some new ones!

This post is getting too long- Please kiss the babies in your lives for me, take a minute or two to appreciate this beautiful Spring and come back and visit!

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