Sunday, May 11, 2008

May, Mother's Day and Gratitude

I'm sitting here listening to Pandora and so grateful for so many things. My garden, neglected as it is- looks so beautiful this week. The funny little iris that-I don't- know-what-it-is at my front door is in full bloom , and looks so pretty with the clematis and my purple door- Walter is painting the front area, so I don't think a picture is in order- let it live in your imagination...

In the back is the beauty of my 'New Dawn' rosebush- which, when not in bloom, bears a remarkable resemblance to the thorn bushes in 'Sleeping Beauty", but right now is producing the most glorious profusion of roses that makes my heart sing.

Zoey and Noah are thrilled that the honeysuckle is blooming, in the sweetness of childhood, the nectar from the honeysuckle trickles down their little tongues, and nourishes a memory that will take them well into adulthood- knowing their Nana's love nurtures them the same way.

Everything is growing, and that includes the Japanese maple Luke and Sean gave me last year. I could fake it and show you a picture of the one I brought home the other day, which is about three years older than my baby one- but I won't. Luke and Sean touched my mother's heart two years ago by giving me an amazing Japanese Maple, which did well for abt 6 mos and then, I guess, was over watered and didn't make it. So, last year, knowing how much I love Japanese Maples, they tried again... so far so good! This one is a real baby- but it's growing!

Speaking of growth, isn't it funny how spring brings growth on so many levels? We have mild winters, so we don't get that sense of relief that people in, say, Canada or Wisconsin, get when spring finally arrives, but there is still such a sense of growth. The beauty of the world around me is a mirror for the burst of creative energy and efforts in the studio- what's in my mind is amazing! Now to take the time to get it into fabric. I spent a few hours yesterday working on my circus girl quilt- It makes me smile just to think about it! I don't draw, so designing a quilt that involves images was such a challenge for me- but, keeping it simple and trying to stay true to myself, and not get (too much) help from Luke and Sean has given me such a sense of accomplishment. BTW thanks for the cannon, Seano.

This post has to end with thoughts of my mom. It's been a long time since I was able to see her pretty hands working on her crewel, or moving fabric through the sewing machine. But I feel her hands on mine so many times. A gentle touch, a whisper of an idea, a blessing of creativity. These are her legacy to me, and through me to you- to any of us who struggles to produce something meaningful and beautiful. A legacy to Zoey, and Megan, and all the cousins- that you don't have to have 'enough time' to make beauty in your life. She had 5 kids under the age if 6!You make beauty with the way you wipe away a child's tear, or kiss a boo-boo. With the meals you make to nourish your families. With the roses you put in a vase to bring beauty inside your heart. You continue Gene and Ernie's love story with the way you kiss your loved one goodbye as one or both of you leave for work. Be grateful for the love that has been , is now, (Catholic roots coming out here) and always will be.

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