Sunday, April 20, 2008

We had the BEST time yesterday! Luke called in the morning to tell us that The Rosebuds were playing at the Earth Day Celebration in downtown Raleigh. Walt and I had been very good and finished our chores- the famous List had many things checked off- it was a beautiful sunny Saturday- temps in the low 70's and whisper of a front coming through, so there was a nice breeze, I had some new sandals to wear... so off we went.

There were lots of cute kids, one wearing a pair of PINK cowboy boots, lots of them with Slurpee stained faces

There was a dog parade! We didn't take Jep and Chance, but maybe we'll be able to next year- we saw LOTS of very well- behaved dogs.

We walked around with our 'green' plastics cups with a"very nice hefeweizen"- (beer to you) and watched magicians and talked about saving the Neuse River, and at one point we tuned around and there was Sean! He was "all duded-up" for his friend's wedding and ,in his Thrift Shop glory- looked very handsome.

All of this was leading up to The Most Special Part of the Day- The Rosebuds! A little history for those who don't know them, Ivan and Kelly are The Rosebuds, and are from Raleigh, and are friends of our sons'- Luke and Sean. They have two CDs out, record on Merge records, and I love their sound! They have wonderful lyrics which speak to my creative soul- and I have made two quilts inspired by their lyrics- Will the World ever End, and We Shall Tie Our Shoes On Tight.

BUT - because I'm a morning person, and frequently fall asleep as most bands are going onstage... I've never seen them live. Until yesterday! WHOO-HOOO. for me it was such a great joy to stand in front of the band (in the middle of a cool street fair) and let the music move me- sing along with my favorite songs, and have a chance to thank them for their awesome music!
I'm having a lot of trouble with Blogger and find that I can't upload my photos-so let me give you a word picture- Sweet little girl, about 4 yrs old in a cotton dress that's kindof old-fashioned in a hip way with pink cowboy boots- (the picture was just her boots and the hem of her dress...
Another shot was of the sitar player on the side stage- found out later he's one of Sean's roommates- he and his percussionist were making gorgeous music as we walked along drinking our beer and waiting for the Rosebuds to start-
Once the Rosebuds played, we danced in the streets and sang along (well at least I did!) and it started to rain, just a little, not enough to spoil the fun- and then, as their set ended, it was raining enough to send most everyone home for supper. A splendid time was had by all!
I'm going to be researching new blogging space, I will keep you updated- One of the fun things about blogging is sharing the photos- with this space I get very frustrated b/c it's so erratic- there have been so many people who have started blogging that I guess it's hard for them to keep up- but the problem with uploading is now in it's 2nd month and nothing has been done, except to acknowledge there's a problem- so I'm looking into other sites- if you don't hear from me for a while, that's why.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A friend recently emailed me and asked if I was ok, cause I hadn't posted... I really didn't realize it had been that long... I've been busy- spring cleaning, dragging stuff to the dump/ Goodwill (and feeling very un-green for every item that went to the dump, but things DO wear out!) Now my closets are cleaned, my pretty blue glass bottle collection looks so pretty again . I do love my bottles-I have gathered them from many sources for about... well, a long time!

Some came from my sister- some make me smile because I found them while on vacation, some from not very good bottles of wine (purchased for the cobalt blue bottle, not the questionable quality of the wine!) and a lot came from people who love me who saw them and thought of me. A collection of pretty things that makes me feel loved- not such a bad thing to collect, huh?
All this cleaning and such is not really my favorite thing, but I must confess to a lightness of spirit that has graced my days since we finished the big jobs. The cobwebs of winter are gone, fingerprints on the wall from many Sundays of inside hide and seek played by uncles and kids have been wiped away- the fireplace cleaned out (not from ashes- it never got that cold- I forgot to take the little fireplace candle holder I put in there at Christmas away) and now we look to a season of cooking out (Love It!) sitting on the deck (Gotta get a new umbrella for out there) watching Zoe and Noah blow bubbles and the dogs tear through the yard (tearing the yard up- er- aerating the soil! ) and outside games yet to be discovered. Our winters aren't severe, and the "bad' weather doesn't last long, but the spring here is so beautiful and we have so much fun in the yard. Even though we don't have Northern winters to contend with, Spring is still very welcome!

I was blessed this week to have a visit from my dear friend, Carol. We were young moms together, and she was married to my brother, so we have a lot of history. What a joy to spend time, however short, with her! She knows my heart and is such a gentle, peaceful, loving woman. It had been way too long since we last had a long visit, but we won't let THAT happen again!

We went to the Flea Market in Raleigh- what a trip! It'd been a long time since I'd gone, and, once we fixed the fact that we showed up without any cash- OOPS!, we found wonderful treasures- Like my mermaids!
Lots of buttons- a pair of antique stork embroidery scissors and a basket of fresh strawberries. It was a beautiful morning that passed way too quickly- like the rest of the weekend. I took Carol to the airport this afternoon, and cried all the way home. It helps that we had so much fun and made some new memories. I miss you, my friend.