Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Brand New Broom

I got a polka dotted broom! I'm in love with this broom. It is cute and functional and adds joy to a simple task. It's got it all! Doesn't it look cute ? I still have a boring green plastic dustpan- have to scout out one that's more fun.

I have a theory that we all have art in our souls all the time, it's just waiting to come out. I admit, I'm not a great housekeeper (although better than someone I could name but won't cause I'm trying to get her to read my posts and I don't want to hurt her feelings...), and the dogs have defintely added to the housekeeping load- so why not have something artful to use for what is, let's face it, a boring job. So I feel creative when I sweep- and I guess that'll make me sweep more often!

Sweeping could, however take away from my studio time... hmmm-

On my I Finished It list is the stack of felted bowls I made from the Oneskein book, by Leigh Radford, another on my list of books I got from the library I need to own.What a fun project! I used Bernat' s Felting Yarn in the blue-greens and it really only took a week of knitting for an hour or so a day to do all three bowls. I love them so much I'm making more-more-more, so those of you who love me may be looking at your Christmas present next year!

It's Sunday-Gotta-Get-It-Done- Day. Yesterday we finally put all the Christmas stuff up in the attic. It had been blocking our path through the garage (that has never had a car in it!) oh these many weeks now. I'll admit to feeling a little sad as I handed up the 20+ tubs of Christmas decorations to Walter as he loaded them into the attic space (with only a few swear words). Christmas is finally over. sigh.

Now we need to Goodwill all the remaining stuff, and W will be able to use his space. Whoo-Hoo.

Have a great week- Kiss the babies you meet, but don't let the dogs kiss you (you know where that tongue has been?!)

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