Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Can't Find The Time

It occurred to me as I lay in bed last night that I was on a break from blogging when we got the dogs. Since their arrival has dramatically changed our lives, it seems right to talk about them.

So the picture above is WHY we have them- They're so cute! When Zoey and Noah saw this photo there was a phone call... need I say more? About two weeks later "The Head Brothers- Knuckle and Bone" or Jep and Chance came to live with us.

This is pretty typical- Casualties of the New Order of the Dog include 2 of Walt's favorite shirts, a slipper of Mary's , countless toilet paper tubes, biscuits ready for the oven, a pizza, and the topper- the cord to the computer! (THAT won't happen again! )

Needless to say this has been an adjustment. Luckily they are crate-trained and very well- behaved when they aren't chewing things up- We've learned that they like those rawhide chews bit not rawhide bones, and I don't feel too bad if I leave them in the crate to go into my studio- They can't be trusted to be good unsupervised yet. And they seem to like being in their "cave".

They are sweet dogs, and when I look into their eyes I fall in love all over. I even thought the pizza incident was funny. I guess that's what happens when your kids are gone and you have an "empty nest". That would have sent me over the edge once upon a time!

It's hard with the dogs and normal family type commitments- like housework and laundry, helping my sister move etc- to have blocks of creative time. That's why my Snow Day earlier this week was so important. I want to keep this going, because the One Fine Line quilt is waking me up with ideas! Luckily I have Friday afternoons- and today is Thursday! WHOOHOO

So tomorrow afternoon I'll spend a couple hours getting ideas organized and possibly doing the embroidery on the first block. I love this feeling of beginning a quilt like this- I think about it all the time and have scraps of paper with scribbles of layouts and notes about color...

So these are my threads and the other pic is of the Seminole patchwork I made to use for Estrella's clothes. That was fun- I couldn't find my book on Seminole so I had to dig deep into my memory banks to remember how to do this... turned out pretty good. The colors of the fabrics aren't quite right- the threads are close.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think- if you click on the comments button at the bottom it'll let you leave a post.

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luke said...

i know what its like to be busy. luckily i was able to spend 4 whole hours in the studio yesterday (a record for february)