Monday, February 18, 2008

Daffodils are Blooming

Here in Raleigh we don't get much winter. We have, in the past gotten massive snowfalls- I remember 22 inches when Zoe was a baby- That would be 8 years ago and it must have used up all our winter for the rest of my life- because here we are- 70 degrees, daffodils in bloom and plum trees flowering. No Snow Day for you! None of that wonderful feeleing of snow falling like crazy all night, and when you get up to go to the bathroom you can just tell that it'll be at least a two hour delay...and maybe you can make a good argument for not being able to get out of the neighborhood to get to work...
NOPE. None of that! Instead, we've got friggin daffodils! Don't get me wrong- I love daffodils and all things spring, but it's February18th and I know this means we don't have a prayer for a snow day.
Let us all bow our heads for a moment of silence.

OK Now let's get on with it. I bought a really cute bunny to go on the mantle at Easter, and some cute chicks as well. (What IS it with me and chickens? I think they're kindof cute...)

I decided that since I obviously wasn't going to get a snow day this year, I'd take a couple days off. So I finally finished quilting and binding my Hens Gone Wild quilt/table runner, and in a little while I'm going to go to Panopolie to get something to put on the short ends. I'll post pics when I decide where to go from here.
I spent the morning in my studio- started a new quilt- Working title is "One Fine Line" inspired by a song (So what else is new?) this is by a new favorite Colbie Caillat, and by Joni Mitchell's character in "Ladies of the Canyon" Estrella, circus girl. I'm loving this idea, and am determined not to sabatoge myself by overthinking it. We all know I can't draw- so these ladies are VERY kindergarten, but in a mature way! Push comes to shove, I'll getLuke or Sean to help me draw her- I would like to have her doing a somersault, and that's beyond my limited skills.
I also realized while pawing through my threads that I don't have vibrant enough colors for her hair and body, so... I'll go to the thread store which is just down the way from the bead store. And since it's gorgeous out- all windy and spring like- I guess I'll go enjoy my scheduled "snow day"

Oh yeah- and now that we got the new computer and I can do all this on my lap in front of the TV- I promise to blog more often- if you promise to leave me a bone- no- I mean a comment- once in a while!

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Erica said...

Mary, I miss you and love this sight!!