Sunday, November 2, 2008

What If?

I've been loving the involvement with an online group that is asking the question "What If..." What if I used this silk with denim and pieced it so the seams showed? And let them unravel? You get the idea. It occurs to me that I have always been a What If person. Since I was small I have had the ability (or is it a curse?) to imagine the next step- A lot of times these thoughts spiral on me- What If I got into an accident- what would my family do? Kind of crazy thinking that I (almost always) shut down pretty effectively. The What If fill-in-the-blank thinking that keeps you awake at night, or is responsible for sad days. I think we all do this, but don't talk about it (Cause it DOES sound a little close to crazy!)

So it occurred to me working on this project that What If is such creative thinking. It enables the artist to imagine the next step- and when working with whatever medium- to take the results and turn them into something unique and sometimes truly extraordinary. I think it must be a basic question- related to How Do I? And to Why? But a question that can be properly trained and guided away from the mental anguish into the light of creativity and actual production of the thought in fabric or paint. It's exciting- layers of thought translated into layers of a quilt- or layers of music- or a painting that makes your heart sing.

Here are a few shots of works in progress- as Christmas starts its express ride into our lives- I wanted to take a few minutes and share what's been on my mind. I hope I've touched a What If thought in your mind (the good-creative-kind- of -What-If?)

Hard to imagine what this amoeba thing is- It's a Baby Surprise Jacket for my niece's baby- I'm only posting this because there is NO WAY she can see the completed sweater from this shot!

These birdies made from repurposed sweaters and these tassels and those beads will make a gorgeous Indian-inspired gift for a few special people

It's hard to see the idea in the red birds- (have you caught on to this years' theme?)They will look like the green polka dot one when finished.

And the Lovely Geisha? She will be a(another!) knitting bag for ME in the Birdie Sling pattern from Amy Butler

OK- this little posting has taken a lot longer than I intended... What If I spent the whole day uploading pics to the blog? - I wouldn't get any of these cool things finished!! Let me know what you think- I love to get comments!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And we're off!

September already- one of my favorite times- cooler weather (well, except for the hurricanes that are lined up out in the Atlantic...) and back to school- apples and the approaching holidays- a fresh beginning and a chance to go see my brother and sister and my friend, Carol, and of course associated families. I'll get to meet my new little great neice- Leigh Anne and snuggle with Genevieve and Connor- spend some big girl time with Morgan and Madison. Hey guys! I'm bringin' presents!!

I'm really excited about going junking with Carol- I love the anticipation of an outing like this- I can't wait- Friday will see me flying up to NJ just ahead of Hanna

Another Very Exciting Thing is here- and the sister blog here I especially love the What If blog, because I spend so much of my time saying that- Only these folks actually DO it! Very productive, very inspiring, very very cool- check it out. I signed on for CQR Collaborative and will be having a blast during the talking time on my trip with the new and improved 2008 version of an old favorite- Crazy Quilting- can't wait to find my groove on this- there's a flikr pool set up here so you can see what's up with this group
I am taking my CQ square up to NJ with me- I have a long layover- so I hope to do some embellishing while waiting - I'll try to post some pics while I'm up there.

I finished an adorable project- well, almost finished- for my neice- she's only 4, so, if her mom can keep a secretI'll try and post some pics of Genevieve's crown- I used this Lion Brand pattern-

Back to school meant that Zoe (no y on the end this year) and Noah packed up their bookbags and headed back- a little late, because they were in Vancouver BC for Jaime's family reunion- but they got BTS stuff from Nana- Zoe a cutecutecute new dress that she can wear over pants and Noah this T-shirt with Uncle Sean's art work.

We celebrated Sean's birthday last weekend- here's his cake- notice the heart that showed up when I took it out of the oven! I had to frost over it withe glaze- the GrownUp version of Chocolate-cake-with-chocolate-frosting-and-chocolate-chips-on-top

On a more thoughtful note- I always feel like there are three chances every year to clean up your act- start something new- get it right. New Year's, my birthday (in June) and Back to School. So , this week is a chance for reflection- the cricket's song is a little slower (did you know you can tell the temperature by the crickets' song? ) and the sun is setting a little sooner, and it's yet another opportunity. I want to set myself a bit of a plan- I need to in order to get the things done I want to- I'm so excited about the CQR Collaborative, bt when I went to get scraps to use- my studio space was so cluttered I spent an hour just looking for things- so I guess I need to spend some time organizing. I want to take a class this fall- maybe in painting- maybe in drawing. Of course I should join a gym and exercise - maybe just be better abt walking the dogs. I'll have that long trip up to NJ to plan my resolutions for the fall- How about you? What are you going to do?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ok -I know- I've been busy!

There have been a lot of things going on- I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. But I am about to make up for that- I hope!

The big thing recently was a party to celebrate our having been in NC for 20 years. We had lots of friends over and the yard looked really pretty. I had a blast making fun 'themey' things to go along with the party- fans (NC in August...need I say more?) little toothpick thingies for the food, and silverware wraps- All completely unnecessary, but it kept me happy and quiet for a couple weeks.

Here's my new chair covers-first the old- simple, vinyl, ripped... Then the beautiful new one with fancy, impractical, embroidered fabric from the clearance aisle at Joanne's- all in all abt an hour and maybe $7- so if it's a flop, oh well. Don't they look pretty?

We had such a BLAST at the party- note to self- no more champagne for you! We played Water Balloon Baseball- which involved for this epic party 300 water balloons (I didn't have to fill even one!) and lots of wet guests-

Things got a little complicated with a sneak attack by Gina and Nick - which ended up with Luke using Zoe as a shield- Bad Luke

We all got wet- we laughed very hard and I learned that putting a party in motion and letting go is a great way to hostess!

We also 'got out the cannon' and shot it off- Sounds bigger and scarier than it was- We have a small repro cannon that really shoots- that belonged to my brother- Chris (who would have had a great time at this party! ) So we got that out and woke up the neighborhood. Noah really loved that!

What is it about little boys and loud noises!

A couple more photos to share- One you may see again come Christmas

All in all- it was an awesome party- And my favorite part? Had to be the water balloons.

I promise that now that summer is winding down, and things get back to a more 'normal' pattern, that I'll post more about life in general.

I have to leave you with a link or two- One of my oldest friends is in Beijing with her daughter, Anna, who is scheduled to compete TODAY SUNDAY in the Women's eights Rowing- here's a link to the NBC site and another to Anna's site- check out her art- It is awesome!

and when I went to get the time for today's race- I found this !!

What a thrill. Congrats Anna- Congrats Marty- I know you must be SO proud!

Friday, July 4, 2008

We are back from the beach- the pic above is 'our little cottage by the sea' complete with the bunting I made so we could tell which house is ours on long walks- It was fun to make- I just used a pinking rotary blade and sewed them into bias binding I had left over from another project. They held up very well- in spite of the wind- A cheerful beacon guiding us back to our house.

Our week at the beach was full of sand and sun and doing nothing but play- reading and looking for seashells- I set a challenge with Zoey and Noah that we were going to look for heart shaped shells- and we found a lot...

It was a wonderful week- my favorite part was the early morning walks with either Zoey or Noah or both as we wandered down our almost deserted beach looking for 'our' shells- Zoey collecting one type- Noah collecting coral and fossils- heavy stuff that Nana ended up carrying! and all of us looking for purple shells to make a shell house. I had a perfect day when it was so windy that sitting on the beach became a derm-abrasion treatment- everyone else went in, but I sat there with the wind in my face, my MP3 playing William Ackerman/ Windham Hill music and a really good book. Life is good!

There was time for work on my Circus Girl quilt as well- I'm in the embellishment phase and am using seed stitch to give it some texture and movement. I could let this quilt drift along forever- I decided I needed self-imposed deadlines- So I am setting a date to have this quilt finished- Aug 1- time to move on to other ideas!

One of those other ideas is to post a couple of tutorials- I'm working on putting together one for the way I make summer quilts/bedspreads and another for the headbands Meg and I found at the beach- It's a wonderful version of a bandanna, and simple to make- so keep checking for that.

So, my friends, have a wonderful mid-July week filled with fruit-stand fresh peaches and a profound appreciation for air-conditioning! There's a clear glass pitcher of iced-tea and a bowl of fresh berries waiting for me!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer's here and the Time is Right...

June is the BEST month- well, December is really the best month, but June comes in second. Summer is ahead of us with the promise of fun and free time and families being together and vacations and no school. Fireflies and sitting out on the deck as the sun goes down- Flowers everywhere, and they look GOOD in June- by July, well, I get lazy and don't water like I should, but in June I'm very responsible. Tomato sandwiches with Hellman's mayo, and flipflops- water balloon baseball and going swimming. I LOVE noodles in the pool!

We leave for our week at the beach- the fantasy that we live there- easy suppers and sandwiches on the beach. Seashells and shark's teeth- I'll post when we get back-

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why Do We Do It?

Zoey and Noah and I finally finished our shell houses- it's taken us not quite a year, but aren't they lovely?
I found a new person this week- she doesn't know me, but I am so grateful to her for giving me the words- Her Name is Carol Weibe and her work has inspired me, but her words even more so-

Art is, quite literally, a spiritual practice, a way of opening to Life and Love, of putting the ineffable in a physical form. This does not take genius, or even superlative artistic talent. It does take openness, dedication, and a willingness to follow what one has seen, heard, and felt. Carol Weibe

I struggle with my work in isolation. I don't know why I don't manage to get to guild meetings or Meet-ups or whatever- but I don't. Instead I work my for pay job- and I do love what I do- and try to find the time, and more importantly- the energy- to make the attempt. I read a lot- I subscribe to some breathtaking blogs- I feel like I'm trying to absorb creativity through my skin- like Vitamin D- I am lucky enough to have dedicated space for my work- and a supportive family who encourage me, and are proud of me, and recognize that this is more than a hobby-so why don't I accomplish more?

My art IS a spiritual thing- It opens my heart and my soul to the way the light looks as I drive to work, or the grace with which a petal falls from the rosebush, or the incredible number of colors that make up Zoey and Noah's blond hair. So I think you could make a good argument that art is MORE than what you physically produce- it's in the approach to your life- it's HOW you do the day-to-day.

Daring to do something, make something, say something. And when success is not achieved, being open enough to try again, and keep on trying. Carol Weibe

I always wanted to have the 'creds' to call myself an artist. It took me years to be able to apply that word to myself- but it has taken reaching this point in my life to realize that art is what you are- not really what you produce. It's how you live your life- all of it, not just studio time.

Now, having said all that-you must have something to show for yourself. But I'm not convinced that it has to be something you can hang on the wall, or display on a shelf- I'm pretty sure it can be subtler than that- the choices we make about what we surround ourselves with- inside our homes and on our bodies- how we approach the business of living- the creativity we bring to our daily interactions- all of these are art as well. And so we must listen to the inner voice that drives us to produce- the little 'what if I...' or 'how would these two look together?' However, I think it is the being aware of the voice that makes us artists.

Stephen King has said that the way he manages to produce such a large volume of work is by showing up- being there. You must be ready to translate what the muses send your way- It's hard to accomplish the physical laying on of color or typing the words- or manipulating the fabric- if you are driving a car or pulling weeds or grocery shopping- so the product requires you to be in whatever space is dedicated to your art form- but the living your art requires what Carol describes as openness- being open to the moment- to the patterns on the wall, to the way a child's hair looks as they swing with great abandon, to the shape of a bird's wing, the blending of flavors in a salad, the caress of a lover's hand as you drift off to sleep.

That is art- all of it- and as artists we take those moments and translate them into something tangible- something your eyes can see or your ears hear, your hand can touch. And if we're very lucky we find that the magic of our gifts and the moments of wonder blend together to create something unique and beautiful.

What do you think? I would love it if you let me know.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

May, Mother's Day and Gratitude

I'm sitting here listening to Pandora and so grateful for so many things. My garden, neglected as it is- looks so beautiful this week. The funny little iris that-I don't- know-what-it-is at my front door is in full bloom , and looks so pretty with the clematis and my purple door- Walter is painting the front area, so I don't think a picture is in order- let it live in your imagination...

In the back is the beauty of my 'New Dawn' rosebush- which, when not in bloom, bears a remarkable resemblance to the thorn bushes in 'Sleeping Beauty", but right now is producing the most glorious profusion of roses that makes my heart sing.

Zoey and Noah are thrilled that the honeysuckle is blooming, in the sweetness of childhood, the nectar from the honeysuckle trickles down their little tongues, and nourishes a memory that will take them well into adulthood- knowing their Nana's love nurtures them the same way.

Everything is growing, and that includes the Japanese maple Luke and Sean gave me last year. I could fake it and show you a picture of the one I brought home the other day, which is about three years older than my baby one- but I won't. Luke and Sean touched my mother's heart two years ago by giving me an amazing Japanese Maple, which did well for abt 6 mos and then, I guess, was over watered and didn't make it. So, last year, knowing how much I love Japanese Maples, they tried again... so far so good! This one is a real baby- but it's growing!

Speaking of growth, isn't it funny how spring brings growth on so many levels? We have mild winters, so we don't get that sense of relief that people in, say, Canada or Wisconsin, get when spring finally arrives, but there is still such a sense of growth. The beauty of the world around me is a mirror for the burst of creative energy and efforts in the studio- what's in my mind is amazing! Now to take the time to get it into fabric. I spent a few hours yesterday working on my circus girl quilt- It makes me smile just to think about it! I don't draw, so designing a quilt that involves images was such a challenge for me- but, keeping it simple and trying to stay true to myself, and not get (too much) help from Luke and Sean has given me such a sense of accomplishment. BTW thanks for the cannon, Seano.

This post has to end with thoughts of my mom. It's been a long time since I was able to see her pretty hands working on her crewel, or moving fabric through the sewing machine. But I feel her hands on mine so many times. A gentle touch, a whisper of an idea, a blessing of creativity. These are her legacy to me, and through me to you- to any of us who struggles to produce something meaningful and beautiful. A legacy to Zoey, and Megan, and all the cousins- that you don't have to have 'enough time' to make beauty in your life. She had 5 kids under the age if 6!You make beauty with the way you wipe away a child's tear, or kiss a boo-boo. With the meals you make to nourish your families. With the roses you put in a vase to bring beauty inside your heart. You continue Gene and Ernie's love story with the way you kiss your loved one goodbye as one or both of you leave for work. Be grateful for the love that has been , is now, (Catholic roots coming out here) and always will be.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


This past week was pretty intense at my for-pay job and there was little time for any creative work. I'm so happy that the first week of electronic medical records is behind us- it can only get better, right? Right?

I can show you the pictures of the hat I made for my godson, Larry's- baby. That little one made an early arrival on May 1st- Her Mommy and Daddy's shower was only the previous Sunday!

Baby Girl Strelec is doing OK- she was in special care nursery for a little bit but all reports are that she's doing good. Last I heard Mom and Dad hadn't finalized her name. I told my sister Sue (Baby Girl's Grandma) that in the South, this kind of thing can stick- so they better get a move on- It's not at all unusual in THIS part of the world to meet a grown woman whose NAME is Baby-(remember 'Dirty Dancing'?) it's kindof a Fannie Flagg/ Fried Green Tomatoes kinda thing- It could happen! I have met adult women named Precious, Tiny (kiss-of-death- she weighed abt 300lbs!) and, of course, Baby. Welcome to the world, Little One- you are a lucky girl- your Daddy is a wonderful man, who loves kids, and he will be an awesome Daddy. I am so happy for you both, Larry and Lauren

One side effect of spending so much time at work this past week is that I was determined to not waste my Friday afternoon. I left work (almost) on time, and after stopping for a Friday-Treat for lunch (confession time- I Love Chick Fil A )- I came home and went straight to my studio and got to work on my Circus Girl quilt- No lunch bags or work for other people, just my work, my art, my ideas translated into fabric and blended into a concept- piece abt how women need to juggle so many aspects of their lives and sometimes we do a great job, and sometimes we fall on our asses- but we keep going. So far I have Tightrope Girl, and Trapeze Girl pretty much finished as blocks. Still in my head are Cannonball Girl and, of course Juggling Girl. It feels so good to be doing something creative that feeds my soul. Here are some of the pics I took early on for this quilt- you can get a good feel for the colors

On another note- the beauty of blogging became very clear this week as well- I got a call from an old friend- really the oldest of friends- Kate and I have known each other since fourth grade- we haven't done too good a job of staying connected in the last few years- a Christmas card or birthday email if we were lucky- but, she's on my blogging list- and this week we talked for a long time- a lot of what's been going on she was aware about- at least the head stuff- from my blog, and it was such a treat to spend time with her. Thanks for calling, Kate- I was going to try and find an old picture of us, but I guess we're going to have to take some new ones!

This post is getting too long- Please kiss the babies in your lives for me, take a minute or two to appreciate this beautiful Spring and come back and visit!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

We had the BEST time yesterday! Luke called in the morning to tell us that The Rosebuds were playing at the Earth Day Celebration in downtown Raleigh. Walt and I had been very good and finished our chores- the famous List had many things checked off- it was a beautiful sunny Saturday- temps in the low 70's and whisper of a front coming through, so there was a nice breeze, I had some new sandals to wear... so off we went.

There were lots of cute kids, one wearing a pair of PINK cowboy boots, lots of them with Slurpee stained faces

There was a dog parade! We didn't take Jep and Chance, but maybe we'll be able to next year- we saw LOTS of very well- behaved dogs.

We walked around with our 'green' plastics cups with a"very nice hefeweizen"- (beer to you) and watched magicians and talked about saving the Neuse River, and at one point we tuned around and there was Sean! He was "all duded-up" for his friend's wedding and ,in his Thrift Shop glory- looked very handsome.

All of this was leading up to The Most Special Part of the Day- The Rosebuds! A little history for those who don't know them, Ivan and Kelly are The Rosebuds, and are from Raleigh, and are friends of our sons'- Luke and Sean. They have two CDs out, record on Merge records, and I love their sound! They have wonderful lyrics which speak to my creative soul- and I have made two quilts inspired by their lyrics- Will the World ever End, and We Shall Tie Our Shoes On Tight.

BUT - because I'm a morning person, and frequently fall asleep as most bands are going onstage... I've never seen them live. Until yesterday! WHOO-HOOO. for me it was such a great joy to stand in front of the band (in the middle of a cool street fair) and let the music move me- sing along with my favorite songs, and have a chance to thank them for their awesome music!
I'm having a lot of trouble with Blogger and find that I can't upload my photos-so let me give you a word picture- Sweet little girl, about 4 yrs old in a cotton dress that's kindof old-fashioned in a hip way with pink cowboy boots- (the picture was just her boots and the hem of her dress...
Another shot was of the sitar player on the side stage- found out later he's one of Sean's roommates- he and his percussionist were making gorgeous music as we walked along drinking our beer and waiting for the Rosebuds to start-
Once the Rosebuds played, we danced in the streets and sang along (well at least I did!) and it started to rain, just a little, not enough to spoil the fun- and then, as their set ended, it was raining enough to send most everyone home for supper. A splendid time was had by all!
I'm going to be researching new blogging space, I will keep you updated- One of the fun things about blogging is sharing the photos- with this space I get very frustrated b/c it's so erratic- there have been so many people who have started blogging that I guess it's hard for them to keep up- but the problem with uploading is now in it's 2nd month and nothing has been done, except to acknowledge there's a problem- so I'm looking into other sites- if you don't hear from me for a while, that's why.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A friend recently emailed me and asked if I was ok, cause I hadn't posted... I really didn't realize it had been that long... I've been busy- spring cleaning, dragging stuff to the dump/ Goodwill (and feeling very un-green for every item that went to the dump, but things DO wear out!) Now my closets are cleaned, my pretty blue glass bottle collection looks so pretty again . I do love my bottles-I have gathered them from many sources for about... well, a long time!

Some came from my sister- some make me smile because I found them while on vacation, some from not very good bottles of wine (purchased for the cobalt blue bottle, not the questionable quality of the wine!) and a lot came from people who love me who saw them and thought of me. A collection of pretty things that makes me feel loved- not such a bad thing to collect, huh?
All this cleaning and such is not really my favorite thing, but I must confess to a lightness of spirit that has graced my days since we finished the big jobs. The cobwebs of winter are gone, fingerprints on the wall from many Sundays of inside hide and seek played by uncles and kids have been wiped away- the fireplace cleaned out (not from ashes- it never got that cold- I forgot to take the little fireplace candle holder I put in there at Christmas away) and now we look to a season of cooking out (Love It!) sitting on the deck (Gotta get a new umbrella for out there) watching Zoe and Noah blow bubbles and the dogs tear through the yard (tearing the yard up- er- aerating the soil! ) and outside games yet to be discovered. Our winters aren't severe, and the "bad' weather doesn't last long, but the spring here is so beautiful and we have so much fun in the yard. Even though we don't have Northern winters to contend with, Spring is still very welcome!

I was blessed this week to have a visit from my dear friend, Carol. We were young moms together, and she was married to my brother, so we have a lot of history. What a joy to spend time, however short, with her! She knows my heart and is such a gentle, peaceful, loving woman. It had been way too long since we last had a long visit, but we won't let THAT happen again!

We went to the Flea Market in Raleigh- what a trip! It'd been a long time since I'd gone, and, once we fixed the fact that we showed up without any cash- OOPS!, we found wonderful treasures- Like my mermaids!
Lots of buttons- a pair of antique stork embroidery scissors and a basket of fresh strawberries. It was a beautiful morning that passed way too quickly- like the rest of the weekend. I took Carol to the airport this afternoon, and cried all the way home. It helps that we had so much fun and made some new memories. I miss you, my friend.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wayside Sacrament

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful;

for beauty is God's handwriting...a wayside sacrament.

Welcome it in every fair face, in every fair sky, in every fair flower,

and thank God for it as a cup of blessing.

I'm breaking a major rule with the above quote- It's not from me but from a blog I lit upon earlier this week and it spoke to my heart, so I copied it, but neglected the author- BAD MARY!

It's spring in North Carolina- the Bradford pears are in bloom everywhere, and daffodils and grape hyacinths.. the azaleas and dogwoods are still to come. And the "wayside sacrament" of God's graces and blessings are everywhere. It makes you stop and take notice! I love it.

I may be the last person in the world to discover Pandora, but I have had so much fun with this site this week! It makes me miss it when I have to go to work and can't have it on in the background. For the uninitiated, it's an online radio- but you're the music director- you put your favorites in, and voila! out comes lots of music like your favorites! it reminds me of Shelfari- which, if you haven't checked it out- you should- is a service that keeps track of what you've read, are reading, want to read- AND links you up with other people who read the same kind of books. I love it- I have made some really good friends, plus I have someone to talk about my current fave. It's also a great place to research something to read when you're in a dry period ,something that hasn't happened to me since I joined. Gotta love it!

It's spring, and this spring that means weddings and babies- so I'm having fun with baby hats and baby dresses and baby booties- oh and bibs! My godson is having a baby so I'm taking advantage of my status and spoiling this little one, (yeah- I know- I'm spoiling myself, too!)

Still to come are wedding present ideas... may cop out on this and go with Crate and Barrel. :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Brand New Broom

I got a polka dotted broom! I'm in love with this broom. It is cute and functional and adds joy to a simple task. It's got it all! Doesn't it look cute ? I still have a boring green plastic dustpan- have to scout out one that's more fun.

I have a theory that we all have art in our souls all the time, it's just waiting to come out. I admit, I'm not a great housekeeper (although better than someone I could name but won't cause I'm trying to get her to read my posts and I don't want to hurt her feelings...), and the dogs have defintely added to the housekeeping load- so why not have something artful to use for what is, let's face it, a boring job. So I feel creative when I sweep- and I guess that'll make me sweep more often!

Sweeping could, however take away from my studio time... hmmm-

On my I Finished It list is the stack of felted bowls I made from the Oneskein book, by Leigh Radford, another on my list of books I got from the library I need to own.What a fun project! I used Bernat' s Felting Yarn in the blue-greens and it really only took a week of knitting for an hour or so a day to do all three bowls. I love them so much I'm making more-more-more, so those of you who love me may be looking at your Christmas present next year!

It's Sunday-Gotta-Get-It-Done- Day. Yesterday we finally put all the Christmas stuff up in the attic. It had been blocking our path through the garage (that has never had a car in it!) oh these many weeks now. I'll admit to feeling a little sad as I handed up the 20+ tubs of Christmas decorations to Walter as he loaded them into the attic space (with only a few swear words). Christmas is finally over. sigh.

Now we need to Goodwill all the remaining stuff, and W will be able to use his space. Whoo-Hoo.

Have a great week- Kiss the babies you meet, but don't let the dogs kiss you (you know where that tongue has been?!)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Can't Find The Time

It occurred to me as I lay in bed last night that I was on a break from blogging when we got the dogs. Since their arrival has dramatically changed our lives, it seems right to talk about them.

So the picture above is WHY we have them- They're so cute! When Zoey and Noah saw this photo there was a phone call... need I say more? About two weeks later "The Head Brothers- Knuckle and Bone" or Jep and Chance came to live with us.

This is pretty typical- Casualties of the New Order of the Dog include 2 of Walt's favorite shirts, a slipper of Mary's , countless toilet paper tubes, biscuits ready for the oven, a pizza, and the topper- the cord to the computer! (THAT won't happen again! )

Needless to say this has been an adjustment. Luckily they are crate-trained and very well- behaved when they aren't chewing things up- We've learned that they like those rawhide chews bit not rawhide bones, and I don't feel too bad if I leave them in the crate to go into my studio- They can't be trusted to be good unsupervised yet. And they seem to like being in their "cave".

They are sweet dogs, and when I look into their eyes I fall in love all over. I even thought the pizza incident was funny. I guess that's what happens when your kids are gone and you have an "empty nest". That would have sent me over the edge once upon a time!

It's hard with the dogs and normal family type commitments- like housework and laundry, helping my sister move etc- to have blocks of creative time. That's why my Snow Day earlier this week was so important. I want to keep this going, because the One Fine Line quilt is waking me up with ideas! Luckily I have Friday afternoons- and today is Thursday! WHOOHOO

So tomorrow afternoon I'll spend a couple hours getting ideas organized and possibly doing the embroidery on the first block. I love this feeling of beginning a quilt like this- I think about it all the time and have scraps of paper with scribbles of layouts and notes about color...

So these are my threads and the other pic is of the Seminole patchwork I made to use for Estrella's clothes. That was fun- I couldn't find my book on Seminole so I had to dig deep into my memory banks to remember how to do this... turned out pretty good. The colors of the fabrics aren't quite right- the threads are close.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think- if you click on the comments button at the bottom it'll let you leave a post.