Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Old Year

Christmas was the best ever for us- hope it was for you as well. We laughed and made presents for each other, and played the games our darling Zoey devised for us. It was madness and fun and I, for one, am sorry it's over. I wanted to share some photos of the gifts I made, now that all is said and done!

First is the Chicken Quilts- This is "Hens Gone Wild" one of a series of Chicken Quilts that developed because I didn't want to be the most conservative girl on the block... my two neighbors (out of 5 houses on our cul-de-sac) in our NORTH RALEIGH neighborhood- suburban neighborhood. Anyway- We have 2 neighbors with chicken flocks. Pretty little creatures, much quieter than I expected, but CHICKENS! I have no desire to harvest my own eggs or take care of chickens- although I'll help out in a pinch, as any good neighbor would. Having chickens inside city limits seemed a bit out there for me. So I decided to do my thing with this chicken theme, and these quilts are the result. At the same time, my husband's family in Wisconsin has bought a farm ( no jokes! ) and there has been much discussion about whether or not chickens should be on the farm... Again- chicken quilts seemed to be the answer! These little quilts can be thrown on a table or over a chair- any place you want chickens! And no worries about mean nasty animals like possums sneaking up on them while you are asleep and EATING them! IMHO- problem solved!

I had so much fun getting ready for Christmas this year- I made these darling lunch bags for all my work buddies. I spent a lot of

early morning time at the SewMamaSew website

gathering ideas for gifts and having so much fun with sewing again- simple stuff, like these lunch bags, made from really fun fabrics I got at the site.BTW this is a local quilt shop in Raleigh that is mostly web-based and I have a secret fantasy about working there, but then, when would I sew?

I also made jammy pants for one and all- making me happy that I am keeping my (grown) children warm and cozy all winter in soft, flannel jammy pants- I didn't take pics of the jammy pants- use your imagination- plaid, flannel, jammies!

In early December- our daugter Meg graduated from nursing school- It was such a long haul, and she worked so hard. We had a big party for her- but about 2 days before the party I realized that I would have to decorate, as it WAS December, and we WERE having more than a few people over for food and drinks...

A word here about how I do Christmas- OVER THE TOP. Not crazy person on the news over the top, just 20 tubs of Christmas decorations over the top. So with only two days to do basic decorating and all those resources at my disposal, what did I do? Got out my glue gun and made more! I used a foam wreath shape covered in this gorgeous gold fabric I had in my stash from about 10 years ago- and proceeded to glue gun on about a gazillion little Christmas bulbs from many different places...(it took soooo many more bulbs than I thought it would!) and then I glued another gazillion pearls from Micheal's in the gaps left by the bulbs. I copied the idea from a photo I saw in Mary Engelbriet's Dec 07 issue- but, of course, I like mine more. Very Shiny!!

I also LOVED the Quilting Arts Gifts publication

this year. I have many, many ideas from that,

but the one I actually MADE was this one- I think of it as a Dr Suess tree- with the little silver glitter dealy-bobs hanging off it and the beadded tassle just kindof hanging out. I made a set and promptly put them at opposite ends of the room, because I should have made them different sizes-- too matchy-matchy next to each other. But this one has been gracing the computer desk for the holidays, and I do love it!

Lest you think I finish what I start- there is a long list of UFOs as we contemplate putting Christmas away. Most notable is what will be next year's masterpiece- a feather tree for the dining room. My imagination has elevated this to a pinnacle of Christmas Loveliness- It will be about 6 feet tall, a gorgeous concoction of beads and feathers...all in shades of white- branches graced with white and silver birds, and these beautiful wrapped wire flowers that I actually DID get made, but haven't found the clips to put them on the tree- and I need some silver leaves...You will just have to wait for Christmas 2008 to see how beautiful they are!

I guess I've bragged long enough. I need to think forward and not back- but I wanted so badly to share my fun from this Christmas. I'm thinking about my New New Year's post- Maybe one of my resolutions should be to update my blog more often! Happy New Year to All!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

I haven't posted in a long time- but that is about to change. The problem with writing about what I do is that the people who read this are mostly my family and friends- and I've been very busy making Christmas presents... Can't write about that without them knowing whazzup. So I will talk in generalities about how much FUN I'm having up in my little hideaway!

First was the discovery of SewMamaSew- This awesome website put together projects for every day of November. They had lots of tutorials and cute pictures of fun, easy things to make. What I loved about this is that it seemed to be targeted to young mommies who are making CUTE things for their little ones. Nothin' cuter in the world than a baby in booties made from recycled sweaters... or little aprons for three year olds... Now those of you who know me well, know that that was the kind of young mommy I was once upon a time. But I was alone in my craftiness- not many ofmy friends sewed- my mom did and we did have a lot of fun making things together- but there weren't contemporary seamstresses. There seems to be a trend now of people wanting to make things- Our technology is so awesome, we can download music in a flash- send pictures across the country of the sweetest kids in the world- but the tactile feeling of making something with your own two hands and then GIVING it away to someone you love?? Priceless.

I want to post pictures of all the lovelies I've made so far... Chicken quilts and mittens...lunch bags that are absolutely ADORABLE but all that must wait until after Christmas. I'm taking pictures, though- technology makes that so easy!!

Instead I'm going to try and post some links. Now I know that Linda won't be tempted to surf over to a sewing site- but Jen might... and who knows who else is reading this? Check these sites out; SewMama Sew- You'll have to click on the heading and it will take you to the current blog page- check out their links especially if you want to learn how to make the projects. Great tutorials.

Great fancy pants, too- That's me at Christmas in 19ahem This is the site for SewGreen. A green approach to sewing- redesigned thrift store finds, how to make your own grocery bags... stuff like that.,,HGTV_22056_53734,,,HGTV_22056_53734,00.html this is another day by day idea page- a little lame, but some nice ideas. I'm thinking about a feather tree for the dining room- in white, no lights...

BTW That's another great Christmas shot- I got a Betsy Wetsy that year-

That's all for now- Don't miss out on the fun- check these sites out- and if shopping is more fun for you than making things- that's great, too. Find a children's Christmas concert, make some cookies- or put antlers on your car-

Leave me a comment-