Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thinking about Creating

I've gotten very good at the "simmering" of ideas. Just this past weekend I spent- oh- probably a solid 12 hours thinking about my dandelion quilt. Of course I wasn't just sitting there like Rodin's statue, with my chin in my hand, but I WAS percolating ideas.
I think this is an important stage in the design process. I also think it can go on WAY too long!!
Those of you who know me well know that I love the movie Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid- (be patient... there IS a connection) In the movie Butch keeps coming up with wild ideas, and Sundance always replies- "You just keep thinking, Butch- that's what you're good at!"
That's where I am with this quilt. I find I have epiphanies about how to do this while I'm driving to work on the Beltline- or sneaking outside to surreptitiously water my plants on the front porch (we have severe water restrictions in Raleigh right now). I have what Oprah calls an "aha moment" If I can remember all these great ideas and implement them- this will be an amazing quilt!

Noah did great at school last week, btw- First day was a little rocky- but by Thursday he was one happy boy- When Meg picked him up from school he said- "That was the best day, ever!"
He really has hit his stride confidence-wise. As the week has progressed he's adjusting. Learning the rules in kindergarten isn't easy...

Our weekend will be interesting. Our dear friends, who live a MUCH more interesting life than ours , are coming to visit- Linda and Al live on a sailboat in a marina in Rio Dulce, Guatemala- they'll be visiting for a few days and we will consume many beverages and spend a lot of time laughing!I think there may even be an evening of Karaoke in the works...

But before all the fun begins- I have two whole weekday workdays to work in my studio- this is the day to get those ideas down in fabric. And it's not getting done blogging!

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Walt said...

I'm so proud of you for doing this. It looks great.