Saturday, September 1, 2007

Awesome Ideas

I finally took the plunge and got this blog-thing going. I had been struggling with names, and this morning, after a night on the couch (more about that later) it came to me. So Threading the Needle is born. I like the idea of showing action in the title- I'm a pretty busy person who likes to start and sometimes finish new projects. So the act of threading the needle indicates to me that a new project is being born!

I have had a productive summer:

I entered my first "competition" by sending a quilt to Quilt Art for a challenge. I don't think it'll be published, that was in June and now it's Sept... haven't heard anything. BUT the big step for me was in sending something in- putting it out there. I'm proud of that and proud of the piece, even if they don't publish it. So this is "Morning Has Broken" :
hand-dyed fabric, fusible applique, beading, found objects with organza overlay, this is about the way your mind expands with a new idea

I finished my clapotis (my family thinks this sounds dirty) far from perfect in the execution, but it's done and I'm happy with it.

I used Lang yarns Mille Colori- not the best choice- the yarn was too fuzzy to drop the stitches properly. This is from

I made a second little one that is much more technically correct but I put it away for a Christmas present (and it MIGHT be yours!)so I don't have a photo. Thanks for all the help I got from lurking on Yahoo's clapotis group- the charts were such a help (the second time around!)

I had a great idea for wedding gifts. A picnic quilt! These are picnic sized quilts that give me a chance to try new techniques and color combos without being too worried about them being Heirloom quality ( I gave up on heirloom quality about 20 years ago- now I fuss if I want to and I use "creative expression" the rest of the time- it's more fun that way)

One of my goals for 2007 was to learn to make socks. Here is my first sock! I DID cast on the second sock immediately, and I swear I'll finish it!

I used yarn from my stash- I think the instep part is too big, but it looks fine on my foot, and it's my FIRST SOCK!! (I'm ridiculously proud of this thing.


Martha said...

HEY! Very Cool!!!


JennE said...

Hey Mary!
Thank you for sharing. I love how your personality comes shining through. I want to send this on to a very dear friend of mine who could use a little pick me up!